Learn to Play Guitar or Keyboard

Begginers to advanced – fifteen years of experience as guitar teacher as well as guitar player for workshops and big events.
We teach guitar either in ENGLISH or in PORTUGUESE.

 $130 – 4 Hours of Lessons

Learn To Play Guitar Online

In his guitar or keyboard lessons you will learn also production and mixing altogether, always going through the right pace and pathway and in a fun way. You will learn with the right muscle exercises at the right speed and focus on songs you like.
Fundamental Level
Introduction to guitar and keyBoard from the Scratch

Get to know your instrument, how to tune, Basic  Major and Minor chords, Alternante Picking among other music  fundamentals.


Intermediate Level
Introduction to Scales, harmony over Famous and Classical Solos

Pentatonic and Minor scales, Fundamental of Sweep Picking, How to play Blues among other things.


Advanced Level
Guitar hacks and Famous Techniques and mix and Production

Advanced Pentatonic  Licks, Greek Modes, Sweep Picking Arppegios, Recording  and mixing with Reaper and Adobe Audition.



Trusted by Students

I have been playing guitar many years I was looking for confidence, knowledge and advice on my journey to be a Professional level Guitarist. I was so very, very surprised to find someone as knowledgeable, accredited and professional as Luiz online! As soon as our sessions begin, he is telling me some new, deep material. I asked to take a deep dive in Guitar  Improvisation  and that’s exactly what we’re doing. He also slows down when you don’t understand and goes at your pace too. I hope he never stops teaching because I never thought I’d learn so much so fast.


Fernando has been our piano teacher for 1 year and what my husband and I really admire is that he not only loves playing the instruments but he has also a deep knowledge about music and its techniques. Moreover, which we consider to be an essential quality he has been displaying is patience! We enjoy the classes a lot and we’ve already accomplished the goal of playing some complete songs thanks to his awesome methodology!

Bruna and Vitor Merino